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REQ- Bowser TF :iconblackdragontfart:BlackDragonTFArt 6 3 REQ- Yungoos TF :iconblackdragontfart:BlackDragonTFArt 13 11
The Ring of Change (Multiple TF/TGs)
The Ring of Change (Multiple TF/TGs)
        Aaron confidently and proudly walked through the front door of his house, a small box in his arms. It had finally come! He had ordered a ring for his roommate, Kade, because his birthday was in two weeks. However, this ring was special, for it was advertised as a transformation ring, able to change someone into whatever they desired. However, Aaron highly doubted that claim, and it at least had a really cool design so, either way, it was a good gift.
        Aaron was more than a little proud of how he got it. There were only a few in stock, and he managed to get it arranged so it would deliver while Kade was at work. So, at the moment, he was free to open it and examine it to his heart’s content… or at least until he had to wrap it back up.
        The ring inside the box was a very nice design. It was a simple
:iconblackdragontfart:BlackDragonTFArt 24 23
RQ- Mewtwo TF :iconblackdragontfart:BlackDragonTFArt 23 4 Switch TF :iconblackdragontfart:BlackDragonTFArt 11 13
Deep Freeze (Kyurem TF)
When the air conditioning unit finally kicked the bucket, we knew the end was nigh. We thought we would last, and we did for the first couple of weeks. But then the temperatures began to rise. The fans began to be turned on more often, and then left on for all hours of the night and day. And then the ice machines began to be used extensively as we tried to use water to help soothe the pains we got from the ever-increasing heat.
Now it was close to the end of June. Temperatures often hit 38 degrees Celsius, and both my roommate and I were absolutely sick of it. This is how I found myself reading the yellow pages of our phonebook for an air conditioning repairman. Unfortunately, most of them seemed to either be out of business or extremely expensive. No dice there. Out of the seven businesses that claimed to repair window units, six of them were just not a possibility.
I dialed the number for the last place. It was listed as “Deep Freeze Air Conditioning,” an apparently revol
:iconblackdragontfart:BlackDragonTFArt 8 2
The Graphics Have Not Aged Well (TF Day) (TF AR)
    “You have never played Spyro?” Asked the dragon sitting next to the snow leopard Nafster.
    “No, actually. Is it really that big of a deal?”
    “Of course it is! It’s like the perfect game for dragons to play, if not the best game ever! How many draconic friends do you have?”
    “I have a couple, to be perfectly honest.”
    “Then you need to play it. Ask one of them for a copy. I’m sure they’ll give it to you.”
    A few days later, this conversation came up in Nafster’s mind again, and so, with nothing better to do, called up one of his friends, Karsten. After two rings, he answered the phone and they began talking.
    “Okay, I’m going to ask you a question,” said Nafster. “Do you have a copy of Spyro?”
:iconblackdragontfart:BlackDragonTFArt 9 0
Mature content
REQ- Garchomp TF :iconblackdragontfart:BlackDragonTFArt 15 9
REQ- Arceus TF :iconblackdragontfart:BlackDragonTFArt 42 48
GIFT-Making a Good Present
It was an ordinary day for the snow leopard Nafster. He was busy punching out a story when his phone rang. He checked the contact then picked up. "Hello, Amelia," he said, taking his hands off the keyboard.
"Hey, Nafster!" Replied the anthro rat. "I have a little problem."
"Sure, what's up?"
"I was asked to make somebody a gift but I don't know what to do."
"You don't? I thought you made something new each week."
"I do, but... just come over. I really need you."
Nafster furrowed his brow. Was something else going to happen today? Well, he trusted Amelia. Probably not. "Alright, just give me fifteen minutes. I'll be right over."
"Thank you!" With that, Amelia hung up. Nafster sighed and saved his document.
Roughly twenty minutes later, Amelia received a knock at her door. She opened it to see Nafster standing there. "Hello," she greeted him, opening the door wide to let him though.
"Hey. So what's up?" He asked as he walked in.
"Well, I need to make somebody a gift but I need you to hel
:iconblackdragontfart:BlackDragonTFArt 8 15
Free Samples (A TransFun story)
Well I can't exactly say this is what I expected. I was standing in the middle of the hallway, surrounded by my torn and tattered clothing. Below me, my phone rang. Oh, boy. How was I going to explain this one?
My day started off ordinarily. Because it was the weekend and I had some money, I decided to go watch a movie with my girlfriend, Abby. So I called and before long, we were in the mall's parking lot. However, we wound up a little late and missed the showing we had planned to see. No big deal, we just decided to wait for the next one by going to other stores.
The day took a weird turn when I saw a kiosk with a sleek, professional sign that read "TransFun." I commented on that to Abby. She furrowed her brow and asked, "What's TransFun?"
"I don't know myself," I said. "I think I remember hearing about them on the news. Didn't they do like energy drinks or something?"
Abby frowned. "Then why the weird name?"
"No idea," I responded. "Wanna check? We do have an hour until our movie."
:iconblackdragontfart:BlackDragonTFArt 16 7
AT- Two Sides of the Same Coin :iconblackdragontfart:BlackDragonTFArt 5 0 RQ- Sawk TF :iconblackdragontfart:BlackDragonTFArt 9 4 RQ- Dragonsona TF :iconblackdragontfart:BlackDragonTFArt 29 12
TFU- Chapter One
Mark Tallen walked through the open door and into the small classroom. He was 24 years old, and was a bit on the heavier side. He was wearing a pair of jeans and a polo shirt, with a backpack slung over one shoulder.
The classroom had only two other people in it, the teacher and a woman who was sitting at one of the desks. She had wavy hair and dark skin, and was looking rather bored as the professor was busy setting his desk up for the class. Mark decided to sit next to her.
"Hello," he said, causing her to look up from her phone. "What's your name?"
"Helen," she responded.
"Name's Mark." He held out his hand for a handshake, but she declined. He retracted his hand and muttered, "Okay."
Three weeks ago, Mark had filed he classes he was willing to take for his fourth year of college. He had his majors, which included is normal English and writing classes, his minors, and then the elective classes. One of said classes was "Self Defense with Magic." It was one of the smaller courses and
:iconblackdragontfart:BlackDragonTFArt 2 7
RQ- Sylveon TF :iconblackdragontfart:BlackDragonTFArt 13 1


Sharing a Brain (TF Request)
    “Gah!” The black-haired girl cried as she fell onto the pavement, her books spilling out of her arms all over the ground. “Ow…”
    “Heh! That’s what happens when you mess with us!” Standing over her was a tall boy with short brown hair and a solid build. He was grinning, showing off his perfect white teeth. “Isn’t that right, Todd?”
    “Absolutely!” Standing next to him was another more muscular boy with messy blonde hair. “Thought you could shut us down just cause you’ve got a good standing with the teachers, huh? Well, too bad!”
    “Ugh…” Struggling to her feet, the girl turned around, facing the two boys. “You two think you’re so tough, don’t you?” she said, glaring at them through her square glasses. “You really think that you can just do whatever you want, whenever you want
:iconrobertdayson:RobertDayson 12 10
Doodles - More Monster Dudes :iconspottedalienmonster:SpottedAlienMonster 29 0
Nafster's Vacation (Various TFs/TGs) [TFM FINALE]
"GAH! Finally!" Nafster cheer as he fell back in his chair. "That was so much work! I did it though!" The snow leopard had a bit of a writing event or challenge, releasing a story a day for the entire month. It didn't help that was victim to quite a few transformations. He had turned into his persona, known as Naftessa...twice. He had ended up as a Nafster size piece of chocolate, where he almost broke himself and who knows if he could of even returned to normal after that! He had even been turned into a dragon and stuffed into an egg waiting to be born. For being a writer of transformation he more often then not got stuck in the center of it. He managed to get though all of these and return to normal, and finishing off what he called "Transformation Month."
However, things were going to be different. Thanks to his good inventing rat friend Amelia, he had obtained a kind of necklace that would cease his random transformation for good! All he had to do was wear the necklace ar
:iconvinomath:Vinomath 17 9
King of the Cranidos
King of the Cranidos
A TF story for Destiny’s Contest
By Regulus58
It was a calm morning in the Sinnoh Region as a young kid in a purple shirt and blue jeans with a red coat stepped out of his home.  He was being followed by a small pokemon who seemed to be carrying a lightning bolt pendant in it’s mouth.
Destiny bent over and picked up the pokemon.  It had a slightly oval bump on top of it’s head that was blue in color and had four spikes surrounding the back of it’s head.  It’s small tail was wagging as the kid held it in his arms.
“Skull, how many times have I told you that my pendant is not a chew toy.”  The kid said as he retrieved the pendant from the Cranidos and placed it around his neck.  “Anyway, I have a day off so why don’t we go out and play in the woods together until we’re needed.”  The kid said as Skull nodded it’s head in agreement.
The kid, Destiny, was a beginnin
:iconregulus58:regulus58 2 2
Lycanroc Suit : Prof.Kukui - TF 3/3 :iconst-alpha:St-Alpha 81 3 Lycanroc Suit : Prof.Kukui - TF 2/3 :iconst-alpha:St-Alpha 60 0 Lycanroc Suit : Prof.Kukui - TF 1/3 :iconst-alpha:St-Alpha 71 1 Blaze Icon Full Size :iconsoulcharizard:SoulCharizard 12 1
Tairary cont.
Tairary continued.
He could feel the dust underneath him, it was already in all the little cracks of the dry, rough floorboards when he was set there. It worked its way into him and new dust falling onto him, working its way down. It made him irritable the longer he had to endure the growing dust. His irritability grew with the growing dust until he began to tremble and then eventually his creator would notice and vacuum the dust so he would relax again, almost drift into sleep or the closest thing to sleep.
He'd lost his sense of time he couldn't tell when, he thought perhaps it could have been years having lost the count remembering all the times the sun had swept across him through the window. How long have I been here? How long do carpets stay down? He felt a sadness when he almost remembered that he might have been one of those people that walked over him.
He could still see the room about him, the many times she and her friend Scott walked over him. Sometimes that woman would bri
:icondonpretzel:DonPretzel 14 12
Tairary Planet TF
Tairary Planet
'Welcome to our world Scott.' She said as they stepped down from the traveller. Scott had always wanted to visit this planet ever since he first heard about it. As a boy he heard stories about the magical transformations that took place there. Transformation was legal on other planets but it was a highly controlled affair and transformation science could only take it so far. At best you could only become some half anthro and it must not impede on physical ability for health and safety reasons and there were a hell of a lot more rules and restrictions on the art. Here though, science and the magical properties of the planet and its peoples were freely allowed to change whomever and whatever they wanted into whatever they wanted whenever they wanted it. People not native to the planet had no ability to transform things and so like many other young people Scott came to the place looking for an adventure of transformation and fun. The natives themselves didn't transform thin
:icondonpretzel:DonPretzel 34 4
Link's Wolf TF :iconfezmangaka:FezMangaka 130 14
Strength and Escape (TF Request)
    “Come on! Is that all you’ve got?”
    Groaning, the young dark-skinned teen struggled to get up, trying to recover from getting knocked down so easily. Standing before him was none other than Marshal of the Unova Elite Four, and he was shaking his head in disapproval. “How many times must I tell you, Mason?” he said, his voice harsh and angry. “If you wish to be strong enough to control Pokemon, you must maintain that strength within yourself first!”
    “Ugh…” Mason desperately tried to stand, but fatigue was quickly catching up to him, and he could do nothing more than collapse to the ground, defeated.
    Shaking his head, Marshal walked over to the boy lying on the ground. “Mason… listen to me. You can’t keep giving up like this.” He walked over to him, bending down next to him. “If you want to become a Pokemon trainer, you have
:iconrobertdayson:RobertDayson 12 7
Revved Up
Revved Up
An Inanimate TF by Loquacious Jango
The air still had a hint of ozone in it from the thunderstorm that had raged all morning. Tyler's shoes thumped off of the damp pavement as he trudged on. For the thousandth time, he cursed the fact that he hadn't brought his cellphone with him. He'd just been terrified that it would somehow go off during the ceremony. Glancing at the line of trees on the either side of the raised interstate that stretched far into the distance, the young man reflected on his long list of misfortunes.
Halfway home from a trip to his Aunt's funeral, Tyler's car had broken down in the middle of what felt like a typhoon. With no other option but to wait it out, he had spent all night curled up in the backseat of his tiny little station wagon, eventually falling asleep despite the tempest outside. By early afternoon, the storm had abated and Tyler was ready to begin the long, arduous trek to the nearest rest stop, pay phone or gas station.
"Should've left the j
:iconloquaciousjango:LoquaciousJango 27 8
Cycling :iconvirmir:Virmir 71 36
Transformation Day Winners!
Hello all! In case you didn't know, we met the TF Day incentive! We didn't get the 15 person incentive but that's okay! We have one person winning a long story commission from me, two winning a medium length, AND as a fun little bonus, 3 people will win priority requests! Thanks for making this bigger than last year! Here's the folder collection:
Now I'll stop keeping you waiting, here are the winners! 
The follow 3 have been awarded priority requests! 
:iconyes2tf: for 
:iconrobertdayson: for 
:iconalftheotter: for 
And next, the 2 who win medium story requests! 
:iconaphoenixofbluefire: for 
:iconthelupineone: for 
LASTLY, the winner of the long story commission is: 
:iconblackdragontfart: for 
And those are
:iconvinomath:Vinomath 2 15
Writing a Transformation Story.

        As defined by TV Tropes, "Transformation Fiction - a genre of fiction depicting a transformation or shapeshifting from one form or another."

        As defined by 
CrazyNaut, "transformation story (also known as tf story): a story in which a character physically and/or mentally becomes something different, and the change to that is detailed within the story."

        As defined by ZalaCambio, "Often abbreviated as 'TF,' [transformation art] focuses on changing a being from one species to another; most notably involving a human becoming an animal or mythical beast of sorts."
:icongamerstories:GamerStories 10 6


I've been thinking about making a patreon. Would you guys support this and what kinds of rewards and tiers would you like to see?


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I am an aspiring TF artist and writer that is seeing if he can start animating. I live in midwestern United States and am 16.

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For more information, go here:…

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1. Mewtwo TF for :iconrobertdayson:
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3. Yungoos TF for :iconbiglion2013:
4. Pokesona TF for :iconjaybirdy07:
5. Mimic TF sequence for :iconvgdcmario:


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